Lawrence Weiner

NYC Manhole Covers

On View

Nov 21, 2000 – Jan 1, 2011

About the Exhibition

Lawrence Weiner (b.1942, New York City, NY) created NYC Manhole Covers, functional manhole covers that read: "in direct line with another and the next” in reference to the grid of New York City's Streets. They where found in 19 locations below Union Square.

This exhibition was a collaboration with and made possible through the cooperation and support of Con Edison and Roman Stone.

West Village Vicinity
1. W. 12th Street & Hudson Street (SW corner)
2. Bleecker Street & Bank Street (SW corner)
3. In front of 124 Bank Street (Between Washington & Greenwich Streets)
4. Hudson Street (near the park, between W. 11th & Bank Streets)
5. W. 11th Street & Hudson Street (NE corner)
6. Bleecker Street (near the park, between W. 11th & Bank Streets)
7. W. 4th Street (eastside, between W. 11th & Bank Streets)

Union Square Vicinity
8. Union Square Farmers' Market (Broadway side)
9. Union Square Farmers' Market (Park Avenue South side)
10. Union Square Park (East edge of park at 15th Street entrance to the subway)
11. Union Square Park (in park enter on East 15th Street)
12. Union Square Park (14th Street East near Broadway)

Washington Square Vicinity
13. Washington Square Park (west sidewalk, Washington Place W. & MacDougal Street)
14. Washington Square Park (west sidewalk, W. 4th & MacDougal Streets)
15. Washington Square Park (in center of park, near the fountain)
16. Washington Square Park (Entrance at W. 4th & Thompson Streets)

Astor Place Vicinity
17. Astor Place, traffic triangle at the Uptown 6 subway stop (8th St. & 4th Ave)

St. Mark's in the Bowery Vicinity
18. In the Abe Lebeworth Park (2nd Avenue & 10th Street)

Tompkins Square Park Vicinity
19. Avenue A & 7th Street (NE corner)



Lower Manhattan


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