Fall 2002 Talks at The New School

Fall 2002 Talks

Mariko Mori
Mariko Mori (b.1967, Tokyo, Japan), one of today’s leading contemporary artists, utilizes cutting-edge technology and pop aesthetics to pursue a modern-day form of spiritual enlightenment. Fusing disparate themes like futuristic fashion, contemporary Japanese youth culture, and eastern religions, Mori’s work reflects the rise of consumer culture, the current era of globalization, and the importance of media imagery. Her photographs and video installations are set in otherworldly landscapes featuring mystical characters, computer-generated images, and often the artist herself; she designs her own costumes and often sings. In this series, Mariko Mori will present and discuss her most recent project, Wave UFO.

Jane and Louise Wilson
Twin sisters Jane and Louise Wilson (b.1967, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) create film and videos that are at once arresting and poetic, combining nuanced moods and atmosphere with a keen awareness of cinematic technique. Their work has garnered international acclaim including a nomination for the prestigious Turner Prize in 1999. Taking a quasi-archeological approach, Jane and Louise Wilson create images that deftly examine and critique the politics hidden behind architectural structures.

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle
Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle (b.1961, Madrid, Spain) is an interdisciplinary artist whose diverse interests in the fields of social history, architecture, scientific research, and critical theory greatly inform his work. The Chicago-based artist is a recent recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation grant, whereupon he was hailed as “an artist who uses photography, video, sound and sculpture to create works that illuminate our notions of personal identity and community.” In his recently acclaimed video installations, Manglano-Ovalle is reverent of modern design, yet at the same time raises questions about its practicality and failure to extend beyond an elitist enterprise.

Public Art Fund Talks are organized by the Public Art Fund in collaboration with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School.



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