Fatimah Tuggar: Transient Transfer

About the Exhibition

Public Art Fund is working with Fatimah Tuggar (b.1967, Kaduna, Nigeria) to present Transient Transfer, a selection of unique imagery displayed on bus shelters along the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. Collaborating with The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Tuggar photographed everyday sights from the streets of the Bronx, and is giving the public the opportunity to create collages with these images. She is using an interactive installation displayed in the lobby of the museum and on the museum’s website. Tuggar will then select collages created by the public to be displayed on a series of bus shelters, two collages per bus shelter. In this respect, Transient Transfer is artwork that comes full circle — images are taken from the streets and reconfigured at the museum, after which the Public Art Fund cycles them back into the streets where they become a new part of the Bronx landscape.



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