Alice Aycock: Three - Fold Manifestation, II

About the Exhibition

Alice Aycock (b.1946, Harrisburg, PA) created Three-Fold Manifestation, II specifically for this exhibition. The sculpture is a tower-like structure that consists of three “amphitheaters” pivoted in such a way that the viewer can look up and into the sculpture’s vortex. The amphitheaters are stepped and elliptically shaped, and set 12 feet apart. Three-Fold Manifestation, II measures 14’ x 12’ x 32’ and is fabricated from painted steel.

Aycock acknowledges that the piece will propose many possible interpretations, all of which “create the sensation of disorientation…to some it may be a tower forever spiraling upward with no means of ascension. To others the stacked amphitheaters may bring to mind the theater. Still others may view the piece as an entry to another world.” Whatever the interpretation, the artist believes that the large size of the piece will not only enable it to be seen from a distance, but will also attract people to the plaza.



Doris C. Freedman Plaza

Central Park, 60th Street & 5th Avenue

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