Andrea Zittel: Point of Interest

About the Exhibition

Point of Interest is Andrea Zittel’s first public project in the United States. Jutting up from the surface of the active southeast entrance to Central Park, Point of Interest is composed of two giant faux rock outcroppings constructed from steel armatures covered in concrete. Measuring nine feet tall, the first rock emerges from the ground almost vertically. The second rock’s surface slopes up from ground level to six feet at its highest point and measures 24 x 20 feet in total surface area. The gentle slope of the second rock functions as both a monument and a seating alternative to the typical park bench. Zittel (b.1965, Escondido, CA) created Point of Interest as a reminder that Central Park itself is a meticulously planned natural environment built for the enjoyment of city dwellers.



Doris C. Freedman Plaza

Central Park, 60th Street & 5th Avenue

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