Kristin Jones & Andrew Ginzel: Pananemone

About the Exhibition

Pananemone, meaning “all winds” in Greek, is located in the southern section of City Hall Park, and consists of two separate and contrasting elements. The first is composed of suspended, free-floating parts—a stellar burst of golden rays—beneath which is a horizontal needle propelled by a diamond-shaped fin. Both the burst and the needle are anchored by a bronze plummet that calls the viewer’s attention downward to the second part of the work: a contrasting, immobile gold sphere. Wind sensors are suspended from trees and anchored spheres are scattered throughout the park in order to echo the two larger elements.

Kristin Jones (b.1956, Washington, DC) and Andrew Ginzel (b.1954, Chicago, IL) create works that evolve from a fundamental reverence for nature. “We seek to dramatize the physical properties of existence within the contemporary urban context, in which the forces of nature are seemingly extinct.” In this case, they chose to make evident the unseen movement of air within the park in juxtaposition to the dense architecture surrounding the site and in the city at large. Fluctuating air currents animate the free-floating elements and serve as evidence of unseen winds. Pananemone dramatizes the presence of nature within this urban park.



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