Tom Otterness: On the Commons: Recent Sculptures

About the Exhibition

Along the busy thoroughfare of Myrtle Promenade, throughout the MetroTech Commons and in the lobby of One MetroTech Center, discover the Lilliputian bronze figures of sculptor Tom Otterness (b.1952, Wichita, KS). Otterness creates an intriguing storybook world of underdogs and overlords, cops and robbers, exuberant hybrid animals, utopian dreamers and happy-go-lucky revelers. Commenting on his use of materials, the artist states, “bronze gets polished where people touch it. It’s like democracy. You can see what people like the most.” Otterness’s combination of dry humor, political satire, and social tableaux presents a uniquely accessible and engaging public sculpture exhibition.

Tom Otterness’s Fallen Dreamer is on view in the lobby of One MetroTech Center. His sculptures Footprint with Four Figures, Man with Penny, Moneybag Man, Alligator, Boy under Thumb, Visionary, and Champagne Drinkers are on view on the MetroTech Commons and along Myrtle Promenade.



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