Margia Kramer: Obelisk, for Raymond Williams

About the Exhibition

Margia Kramer’s Obelisk, for Raymond Williams is a partially open, twelve-foot-tall, rusticated wooden pyramid. The upper portion of the pyramid is constructed of Plexiglas panels, with an “oculus” at the point where these four clear “pediments” meet. The word “revolution” is spelled out in segments on the inside faces of the Plexiglas panels. Kramer (b.1936, USA) explains that her sculpture is “based on the obelisk by Paul Revere, and the liberty poles built on The Commons in 1766, which marked the repeal of the British Stamp Act and the start of the American Revolution. It is dedicated to a contemporary British thinker who wrote about the long revolution against tyranny.”

Kramer’s work is exhibited along with works by Edgar Heap-of-Birds, Christopher Hewat, Thomas Lawson, and Yong Soon Min.



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