Jeppe Hein: Please Touch the Art : Family Day

About the program

Public Art Fund invites children ages 1-10 and their families to drop in for a fun and engaging look at this park-wide art exhibition through hands on art-making activities with Teaching Artists from the Children’s Museum of the Arts.
Drawing inspiration from Mirror Labyrinth NY, young artists will explore the idea of a manmade artwork that seems to blend in with its natural surroundings because of the reflective aspect of its mirror-like posts. Children will utilize patterned paper to create camouflage creatures that blend into their patterned surroundings and create their own wearable bird 3 of 4 wings. They will also be encouraged to “take flight” over to the labyrinth to see how their reflections are transformed by this unusual and engaging sculpture.

In partnership with Children’s Museum of the Arts




Brooklyn Bridge Park

Pier 3, Granite Terrace

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About the Exhibition