Gran Fury: Women Don't Get AIDS They Just Die From It

About the Exhibition

Gran Fury’s poster comprises an archetypal image of three beauty pageant contestants. They stand shoulder to shoulder, clad in bathing suits, and smile toward the viewer. Bold white-and-black text overlays this image. It reads, “WOMEN DON’T GET AIDS…THEY JUST DIE FROM IT.” This text is underscored by a message printed in yellow that reads:

“65% of HIV positive women get sick and die from chronic infections that don’t fit the Center for Disease Control’s definition of AIDS. Without that recognition women are denied access to what little health care exists. The CDC must expand the definition of AIDS.”

Gran Fury is a collective of individuals who are committed to addressing the AIDS crisis through public art projects. These projects focus public attention on the need for increased AIDS education and health care, while calling for the eradication of indifference, discrimination, and governmental neglect.



Bus Shelters

Various Locations, New York City

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