Dave Muller: Whitney Biennial 2004 - Themeless (A Carnival of Sorts)

About the Exhibition

Public Art Fund, in collaboration with the Whitney Museum, presents nine installations by seven artists for the 2004 Biennial Exhibition. Building upon the outdoor presentation of Biennial works in 2002, this show includes artists’ site-specific reactions to Central Park as well as several sculptural projects that were conceived independently of location. For the first time, the exhibition includes a weekend event of openings and participatory artists’ projects in the park.

Since 1994, artist Dave Muller (b.1964, San Francisco, CA) has been organizing Three Day Weekends, a series of roving, intermittent group exhibitions. He describes the ongoing project as an “artist-run, nomadic project space.” These shows remain on view for only three days and then disappear as suddenly as they arrived, remaining after the fact as little more than a rumor. Non-hierarchical and inclusive in nature, Muller’s Three Day Weekends critique art world conventions even as they participate in them: Muller condenses the formal structure of mainstream gallery and museum exhibitions, offering an affable, open-ended alternative that emphasizes the social experience of viewing art. For Central Park, Muller organized Themeless (A Carnival of Sorts), featuring works by seven contemporary artists (click here for a full list) as well as a pair of bronze eagles made by early 20th-century sculptor Adolph Alexander Weinman.



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