Alan Finkel: View for the Catenary Curve

About the Exhibition

Since its completion almost one hundred years ago, the Brooklyn Bridge has served as an inspiration to writers, poets, musicians and visual artists who pay homage to its majesty through their own work. Artist Alan Finkel (b.1943, New York City, NY) shares in this tradition. His sculpture, entitled View for the Catenary Curve, has just been completed in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park and is the first in a series of site-specific sculptures to be sponsored by the Public Art Fund for New York City’s much-neglected waterfront.

View for the Catenary Curve, a modified water tank similar to those seen throughout the city, is sited in such a way that it serves as a “viewing station” for the Brooklyn Bridge. A small opening within it frames the river span and part of the most famous skyline in the world. Finkel enables each person who enters his sculpture to have a very personal and solitary vantage point from which to see this convergence of the natural with the manmade form.



Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park

Between Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan Bridge

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