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Upcoming 2022 Exhibitions: Wendy Red Star, Bharti Kher

Upcoming 2022 Exhibitions: Wendy Red Star, Bharti Kher


Opening August 10
JCDecaux Bus Shelters Across New York, NY, Chicago, IL, & Boston, MA

For her first public art exhibition, Wendy Red Star will mine the archives and holdings of cultural institutions in New York and beyond to locate historical objects and photographs that relate to her Apsáalooke (Crow) tribe. Translating these findings into timely vibrant artworks, this new body of work will incorporate archival and contemporary photography, painting, and collage and will be presented at large scale on JCDecaux bus shelters across New York City, Chicago, and Boston. Red Star’s artistic practice is informed by her Apsáalooke cultural heritage and explores its junction with colonialist structures, both historically and in contemporary society to highlight Indigenous people’s individual identity. Taking her work beyond the walls of the museum, this project provides Red Star the opportunity to share her visual research with broad audiences, building new connections and growing communities.

Wendy Red Star’s exhibition is curated by Public Art Fund Associate Curator Katerina Stathopoulou.


Opening September 8
Doris C. Freedman Plaza, Central Park

Bharti Kher’s 18-foot tall painted bronze sculpture will grace Doris C. Freedman Plaza at the entrance to Central Park, marking the most ambitious work in her career. Works in Kher’s “Intermediaries” series, which she has been developing for five years, begin as miniature sculptures sourced by the artist from secondhand markets across India. These small clay figurines are avatars of humans, animals, and mythical beings that she repairs and reassembles into hybrid forms. For Kher’s largest work in this series, she will pay homage to and celebrate the position of the mother as a figure of empowerment, creation, and refuge, who manifests as both human and otherworldly. More than 20 heads adorn the front of the mother’s body, embodying male and female multiplicity. She is draped traditionally in a sari, and the artist has elaborated a fantastical hairstyle with a multi-lobed bun and three long braids. Kher’s depiction creates an image of a powerful goddess with her multicultural and diverse children. She embodies the possibility for an interconnected and a shared sense of belonging.

Bharti Kher: Ancestor is curated by Public Art Fund Curator Daniel S. Palmer.