Judith Shea: The Other Monument

About the Exhibition

The Other Monument by Judith Shea (b.1948, Philadelphia, PA)—inspired and informed by traditional equestrian statuary—was created specifically for Doris C. Freedman Plaza. The relationship and proximity of the sculpture to the Monument of General Sherman (1892-1903) by Augustus Saint-Gaudens at Grand Army Plaza, just south of Doris C. Freedman Plaza, invites comparisons between these two distinctive monuments. Shea’s statue manifests the idea of emancipation that is at the heart of most Civil War memorials, yet is often subordinate to the individual who is being memorialized. In a sense, the sculpture is a kind of shadow cast by the 19th-century tradition of monumental sculpture. The interaction between these two statues speaks of a contrast in materials, process and meaning, while their temporary dialogue reflects and confronts their respective time in history.

The Other Monument, carved in an American folk style, expands upon the ongoing exploration of figuration that has characterized Shea’s work over the years.

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