Tatiana Trouvé: Desire Lines

About the Exhibition

For her first public commission in the United States, Tatiana Trouvé (b. 1968, Cosenza, Italy) has made a work that responds to Central Park. She came to see the miles of pedestrian paths that traverse its landscape as similar to the arteries of a living being. There’s no singular way to walk through the park, but rather a multitude of possible routes that may be followed according to our own desires.

Drawing on existing maps, Trouvé isolated all of the marked pathways in the park and estimated their distances. She identified 212, from secluded paths to prominent thoroughfares, ranging in length from around 60 feet to four miles. Translating her research into three-dimensional form, Trouvé created three large-scale storage racks that house a total of 212 spools. Each spool is wound with rope equivalent in length to a corresponding pathway and labeled to identify its location in the park.

Trouvé’s work is also a reflection on the broader cultural significance of walking. It’s an activity that ranges from personal recreation to political statement, and has inspired poets, musicians, writers, and artists. Thus, Trouvé has associated each pathway with a title drawn from culture and history that relates to walking. In this way, Desire Lines is both a systematic inventory of the park and an invitation to explore the political and poetic resonance of the simple act of taking a walk.

This exhibition is curated by Nicholas Baume



Doris C. Freedman Plaza

Central Park, 60th Street & 5th Avenue

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In late 2011, Tatiana Trouvé began working with Public Art Fund to develop Desire Lines, a site-responsive work for the southeast entrance to Central Park. As part of her process, she identified 212 paths through the park, stitching them on a map. Each path was then measured and a length of colored rope cut to match it. In Doris C. Freedman Plaza, these ropes have been wound onto 212 wooden spools and mounted on three large racks. The combined lengths of the ropes featured in the work are approximately equal to the total length of the paths in the park.

Each of the 212 spools of rope features a title that Trouvé has assigned it: a “p”, or path, number; a geographical title, which is a literal description of the route it measures; and a cultural title referring to a well-known march or walk from the realms of history, politics, music, literature, and art. With its inventory of spools of colored rope and titling system, the work becomes a kind of index to Central Park as well as a cultural atlas of walking.

The Map

To explore the map, hover your mouse over the complete map at left below, and a detail will appear to its right.


Below is a complete list of titles for the 212 paths identified by the artist. It includes the path number, geographical title, cultural title, and a further explanation of the cultural title in brackets.

  • P001

    From Pioneers’ Gate to the Locust Grove

    Aldermaston March

    [April 4, 1958]

  • P002

    From East Drive near Fort Fish, over the cascade to somewhere near the Loch

    Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes

    [Robert Louis Stevenson, 1879]

  • P003

    From West 103rd Street to Strangers’ Gate

    Taking a Shoe for a Walk

    [Allan Kaprow, 1989]

  • P004

    From West 108th Street to the Blockhouse

    Selma to Montgomery March

    [March 21, 1965]

  • P005

    From Woodman’s Gate to the 97th Street transverse

    Prière de marcher

    [Shozo Shimamoto, 1955]

  • P006

    From Artists’ Gate to the recreation path near Dipway Arch

    Sleep Walk

    [Santo & Johnny, 1959]

  • P007

    From Pioneers’ Gate around Harlem Meer, over the Mount and towards East Drive near

    North Meadow

    A Journey Through the Himalayas

    [March 17, 1959]

  • P008

    From Merchants’ Gate to Artisans’ Gate

    Seven Forest Events

    [Bengt af Klintberg, 1966]

  • P009

    From Merchants’ Gate to West 59th Street near Artisans’ Gate


    [André Breton, 1923]

  • P010

    From Girls’ Gate to the 102nd Street crossing

    Moon Walk

    [Richard Long, 2010, Stonebench-Stonehenge]

  • P011

    A junction between two paths near the Pool

    Fire Walk With Me

    [Fantomas, Mike Patton, 2001]

  • P012

    A junction between two paths near the Loch

    This Way Brouwn

    [Stanley Brouwn, 1960]

  • P013

    From Farmers’ Gate, along the Loch walking path towards North Meadow baseball field no. 6 and to the Central Park Driveway

    Turista Maluco

    [Gabriel Orozco, 1991]

  • P014

    From Girls’ Gate, through the Conservatory Garden to Fort Clinton

    World Trade Center Walk

    [Philippe Petit, 1974]

  • P015

    From the French garden of the Conservatory Garden to the cove on Harlem Meer

    Suite vénitienne

    [Sophie Calle, 1980]

  • P016

    From the Great Lawn to the end of the Turtle Pond jetty

    Winos Do Not March

    [Frank Zappa, 1988]

  • P017

    From Engineers’ Gate to the Reservoir running track


    [Thomas Bernhard, 1971]

  • P018

    From East 67th Street, around Sheep Meadow and to Artisans’ Gate

    March Against Apartheid

    [November 2, 1985, London

  • P019

    A detour near the Ravine

    A Walk Focusing on Someone’s Footprints

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P020

    From Nutter’s Battery to somewhere near Fort Clinton

    Walking to a Lunar Eclipse

    [Richard Long, 1996, England]

  • P021

    From East 97th Street, around North Meadow near Springbanks Arch and towards softball field no. 8

    As Long as I’m Walking

    [Francis Alÿs, 1992]

  • P022

    From Miners’ Gate to Hunters’ Gate through the 79th Street transverse

    Penser à marcher en marchant

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P023

    From West 69th Street to Sheep Meadow Cafe at Mineral Springs

    From Dog Shit to Irma Vep

    [Gabriel Orozco, 1997]

  • P024

    From the Great Hill towards West 103rd Street

    La Filature

    [Sophie Calle, 1981]

  • P025

    A detour to the West Drive boat landing


    [Francis Alÿs, 1996]

  • P026

    From Farmers’ Gate to Artists’ Gate via East Drive and Center Drive

    The Longest Walk

    [From February 11 to July 15, 1978]

  • P027

    From Artisans’ Gate, around Heckscher Ballfields, Sheep Meadow, and North Meadow and around the Reservoir near the Central Park Tennis Center

    The Longest Walk 2

    [From February 11 to July 11, 2008]

  • P028

    From Warriors’ Gate, through the North Woods, across the Rustic Bridge at the Loch, and under the Glen Span Arch to the Pool

    Walking the Town

    [Mina, 2010]

  • P029

    From East 99th Street around East Meadow near the 97th Street transverse

    All Walks of Life

    [Andre Cadere]

  • P030

    From Engineers’ Gate to the Reservoir running track near the north gate house

    Phat Free

    [David Hammons, 1995-99]

  • P031

    From Boys’ Gate, around the Pool to the Pool Rustic Bridge

    East South West North

    [Hamish Fulton, 1988]

  • P032

    From Warriors’ Gate to Artisans’ Gate via West Drive

    Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom

    [May 17, 1957]

  • P033

    From Engineers’ Gate to the Reservoir’s south gate house

    The Walk

    [Jimmy McCracklin, 1957]

  • P034

    From East 85th Street, along the Bridle Path, over Bridge No. 24 to somewhere near the Central Park Police Precinct

    Walking to New Orleans

    [Fats Domino, 1960]

  • P035

    From East 69th Street through the Dene, around Wollman Rink and Hallett Nature Sanctuary then south of the Pond to Scholars’ Gate

    Une allée du Luxembourg

    [Gérard de Nerval, 1832]

  • P036

    From West 90th Street, around the Reservoir running track and back

    March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

    [August 28, 1963]

  • P037

    From West 65th Street, across Sheep Meadow and down Nell Singer Lilac Walk, to the volleyball courts, around Olmsted Flower Bed and to the Dene Rock

    La Larga Marcha

    [April 17, 1997, Brazil]

  • P038

    From Merchants’ Gate to Tavern on the Green via West Drive

    À une passante

    [Charles Baudelaire, 1855]

  • P039

    From Scholars’ Gate to the Dairy

    Trois pas = 2587 mm

    [Stanley Brouwn, 1973]

  • P040

    From Scholars’ Gate to somewhere near Playmates Arch

    Selma to Montgomery March

    [March 7, 1965]

  • P041

    From West 97th Street, around the western baseball fields of North Meadow and back

    Scrivere camminando

    [Maurizio Nannucci, 1973]

  • P042

    From Scholars’ Gate to a crossroad near Olmsted Flower Bed

    Selma to Montgomery March

    [March 9, 1965]

  • P043

    From West 63th Street to Columbus Circle

    The Long Walk Home

    [Simon Pope, 2013]

  • P044

    From Scholars’ Gate, around the Dairy and past Cop Cot

    Hands Up Walk Out

    [December 1, 2014]

  • P045

    From West 93rd Street to the Reservoir near the north gate house with a detour by Wild West Playground

    Slow Walk

    [Sil Austin, 1956]

  • P046

    From Boys’ Gate, around Tarr Family Playground to North Meadow

    December 29, 2012, India]

  • P047

    A junction between Boys’ Gate and West Drive

    Dusty Boots Line

    [Richard Long, 1988, The Sahara]

  • P048

    From West 69th Street, passing between two playgrounds to Runners Grove

    Night Walks

    [Tatiana Trouvé 2015]

  • P049

    From West 63rd Street, across Terrace Drive, around the Chess & Checkers House and Heckscher Playground and back to West 63rd Street

    One Million Women March

    [March 19, 1911, Europe]

  • P050

    From West 66th Street to East 66th Street via the 65th Street transverse

    March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam

    [November 27, 1965]

  • P051

    From West 90th Street, to the basketball courts near the Great Lawn

    People’s Climate March

    [September 21, 2014, Paris]

  • P052

    From West 67th Street to Strawberry Fields

    Moratorium March to End the War in Vietnam

    [October 15, 1969]

  • P053

    In the Tisch Children’s Zoo

    Seven Winds Seven Twigs Seven Paths

    [Hamish Fulton, 1985, Scotland

  • P054

    From Boys’ Gate, passing by the Pool and around the Great Hill

    March on the Pentagon

    [October 21, 1967]

  • P055

    From the Gate of All Saints to somewhere near the Central Park Tennis Center

    Anti-nuclear March

    [March 10, 2013, Tokyo]

  • P056

    From Miners’ Gate, under Glade Arch to Pilgrim Hill

    La traversée du quotidien

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P057

    From the Gate of All Saints and around the Central Park Tennis Center

    Walking Event

    [Milan Knizak, 1965]

  • P058

    From West 97th Street to East 97th Street across the 97th Street transverse

    Following a Direction Without Destination

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P059

    From Vanderbilt Gate to the center of the English garden of the Conservatory Garden

    Magnetic Shoes

    [Francis Alÿs, 1994]

  • P060

    From Mariners’ Gate to the Reservoir Bridge No. 27

    L’allée du philosophe
  • P061

    From East Drive to the Mount

    Ford Hunger March

    [March 7, 1932]

  • P062

    From Strangers’ Gate to the Great Hill

    May 10, 1968, Paris

  • P063

    From East 84th Street to the Reservoir’s south gate house

    Belo Monte Protest

    [February 25, 1989, Brazil]

  • P064

    From Inventors’ Gate, around Cherry Hill and to the Ramble

    El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan

    [Jorge Luis Borges, 1941]

  • P065

    In Central Park Zoo

    A Cloudless Walk

    [Richard Long, 1995, France]

  • P066

    From West 79th Street to Naturalists’ Walk

    National Hunger March

    [September 26, 1932, London]

  • P067

    From East 76th Street, around the Conservatory Water and Pilgrim Hill, through the Ramble and to somewhere near the Ramble Shed

    The Salt March

    [March 12, 1930]

  • P068

    From Mariners’ Gate to Summit Rock

    Walk on the Water

    [Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1968]

  • P069

    Around Lasker Rink and Pool

    Karoo Line

    [A Fifteen Day Walk in South Africa, Richard Long, 2004]

  • P070

    A junction between two paths near the Gate of All Saints and West 93rd Street

    Bailey's Walk

    [The Pixies, 1989]

  • P071

    From Naturalists’ Gate to Miners’ Gate by passing the Belvedere Castle

    The Day of Mourning

    [January 26, 1938, Sydney]

  • P072

    From West 81st Street to somewhere near the 79th Street Maintenance Yard

    The Birmingham Children's Crusade

    [May 2, 1963]

  • P073

    From West 86th Street to East 85th Street

    Théorie de la démarche

    [Honoré de Balzac, 1833]

  • P074

    From Heckscher Playground, under Driprock Arch and towards Wollman Rink

    Following Piece

    [Vito Acconci, 1969]

  • P075

    In Hallett Nature Sanctuary

    Walking into Clarksdale

    [Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, 1998]

  • P076

    Near Wollman Rink

    Louisiana Walk

    [Janet Cardiff, 1996]

  • P077

    Around the Conservatory Water

    Walking in Rhythm

    [The Blackbyrds, 1974]

  • P078

    From Iphigene’s Walk to the Ramble Shed

    Walking and Looking for You

    [Chrome, 1984]

  • P079

    From Gapstow Bridge, through Hallett Nature Sanctuary to Center Drive

    Blind Walks

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P080

    From the Gate of All Saints to North Meadow

    Five Ballerinas in Manhattan

    [Jonathan Monk, 2007]

  • P081

    From Oak Bridge at Bank Rock Bay to West Drive

    The Lovers: The Great Wall Walk

    [Marina Abramović & Ulay, 1988]

  • P082

    From the Polar Circle to the Tropic Zone in Central Park Zoo

    First Step in Belgium

    [Gianni Motti, 2010]

  • P083

    Along Center Drive, over Dipway Arch between Artisans’ Gate and Artists’ Gate

    From Flat Tyre to Airplane

    [Gabriel Orozco, 1997]

  • P084

    From Women’s Gate to the cave site in the Ramble

    January 11, 2015, Paris

  • P085

    From West Drive, along Central Park Driveway to somewhere near Pinebank Arch

    Brushed Path, a Line in Nepal

    [A 21 Day Footpath Walk, Richard Long, 1983]

  • P086

    From Ballplayers’ House, passing by the Carousel, and to Wollman Rink

    Street Stories

    [Warren Sack & Michael Dale, 2002]

  • P087

    East of the Great Lawn passing by the Obelisk

    February 22, 2014, Notre-Dame-des-Landes

  • P088

    A junction between two paths near the Pond

    Appréhension du sol urbain

    [Untel, 1975]

  • P089

    Over Gapstow Bridge


    [Dennis Adams & Laurent Malone, 1997]

  • P090

    From Women’s Gate to Inventors’ Gate

    Water Walk

    [John Cage, 1959-60]

  • P091

    From Women’s Gate to Eaglevale Arch via Azalea Walk

    I carry some water from the river in my cupped hands and release it a few meters downriver...

    [Jiří Kovanda, 1977]

  • P092

    From North Meadow baseball field no. 10 to Girls’ Gate

    Les Rêveries d’un promeneur solitaire

    [Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1776-78]

  • P093

    From Naturalist’s Gate to the Ladies Pavilion

    On 2 march 2001 Stanley Brouwn will walk a total distance of x feet
  • P094

    From Green Gap Arch to the Tropic Zone of Central Park Zoo

    “no walk, no work”

    [Hamish Fulton]

  • P095

    From Scholars’ Gate to the Wien Walk leading to the Arsenal

    Les pas perdus

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P096

    Around Rose Hill to the lower meadow of Strawberry Fields


    [Daniel Buren, 1968]

  • P097

    From Women’s Gate to Inventors’ Gate via Sheep Meadow Cafe, the Mall, and the East Green

    Purple Rain Protest

    [September 2, 1989, Cape Town]

  • P098

    From Terrace Bridge to Trefoil Arch and back

    One Distance

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P099

    A junction between two paths somewhere in between Artists’ Gate and Artisans’ Gate

    A Walk Done Every Morning

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P100

    A detour to Summit Rock

    Woman Suffrage Parade

    [March 3, 1913]

  • P101

    A junction between two paths near Driprock Arch

    An Invisible Person

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P102

    From East 65th Street to the 65th Street transverse


    [Rebecca Horn, 1970]

  • P103

    A junction between two paths near Sheep Meadow and Olmsted Flower Bed

    A Walk Done Every Evening

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P104

    Near the Balanced Boulder in the Ramble

    An Unknown

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P105

    South of Rumsey Playfield

    Passage secret

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P106

    From the Swedish Cottage to Winterdale Arch

    Promenades et souvenirs

    [Gérard de Nerval, 1854]

  • P107

    Along the Literary Walk to the Mall

    Long Walk [for a Slow Loris]

    [Stephen Vitiello & David Tronzo, 2005]

  • P108

    From the Dene shelter, across Literary Walk to somewhere near the Volleyball courts

    Miniature Long March

    [Qin Ga, 2002-05]

  • P109

    A shortcut on the Bridle Path, west of the Reservoir

    From Green Glass to Federal Express

    [Gabriel Orozco, 1997]

  • P110

    In the Ramble

    Comment aller chez Krimhilde

    [Till Roeskens, 2010]

  • P111

    From the Dene rock to Billy Johnson Playground

    Walk on the Moon

    [Buckethead, 2010]

  • P112

    Near the Lake, from the Ladies Pavilion to the Hernshead boat landing

    Walk to the Water

    [U2, 1987]

  • P113

    A junction between two paths in the Ramble

    Walking a Line in Peru

    [Richard Long, 1972]

  • P114

    Along an unpaved path west of the Great Lawn


    [Henry David Thoreau, 1862]

  • P115

    Circling the Arthur Ross Pinetum

    Walking Blues

    [Robert Johnson, 1936]

  • P116

    From the Naumburg Bandshell and around the Rumsey Playfield

    Ground Mutations

    [Dennis Oppenheim, 1969]

  • P117

    A junction between two paths in Arthur Ross Pinetum

    Walk On By

    [Dionne Warwick, 1964]

  • P118

    From Inventors’ Gate to the East Green

    Song of Uncertain Length

    [Emmett Williams, 1960]

  • P119

    From Greywacke Arch to the Great Lawn

    Walking the Dog

    [Rufus Thomas, 1963]

  • P120

    A junction between two paths near Sheep Meadow

    Rotte d'abbandono attraverso l'arcipelago Milanese

    [Stalker, 1996]

  • P121

    Near the bowling greens

    Untitled Walks

    [Simon Pope, 2011]

  • P122

    A junction leading to the northwest side of the Great Lawn

    Hommage à Arago

    [Jan Dibbets, 1994]

  • P123

    From Terrace Drive to the bowling greens

    White Light Walk

    [Richard Long, 1987, Avon, England]

  • P124

    Around the Arthur Ross Pinetum

    Première visite

    [Andre Breton & Tristan Tzara, 1921]

  • P125

    A junction between two paths south of the Conservatory Water

    She Walk Right In

    [Clarence G. Brown, 1950]

  • P126

    From Warriors’ Gate towards Farmers’ Gate

    Walkin’ Down the Line

    [Bob Dylan, 1962]

  • P127

    From Warriors’ Gate along the nature path towards the Blockhouse

    Cross Road Blues

    [Robert Johnson, 1936]

  • P128

    From Fort Fish to the 102nd Street crossing

    From Container to Don’t Walk

    [Gabriel Orozco, 1997]

  • P129

    A detour from North Meadow near Boys’ Gate

    I Walk the Line

    [Johnny Cash, 1956]

  • P130

    From Bethesda Terrace to the Bow Bridge


    [Max Neuhaus, 1966]

  • P131

    A junction between two paths near the Conservatory Water


    [Bob Lens, date unknown]

  • P132

    From Trefoil Arch to the Loeb Boathouse


    [Allan Kaprow, 1972]

  • P133

    A junction between two paths near the Gate of All Saints and Wild West Playground

    Rock Fall Echo Dust

    [Hamish Fulton, 1988]

  • P134

    From the 97th Street transverse to the North Meadow Recreation Center parking lot

    Losing and Finding My Way

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P135

    In the Ramble

    Der Spaziergang

    [Robert Walser, 1917]

  • P136

    From the cave site in the Ramble towards Vista Rock

    Walking from a Full Moon to a New Moon

    [Richard Long, 2009, Sierra Nevada, Spain]

  • P137

    In the Ramble

    Walking City

    [Ron Herron, 1964]

  • P138

    From West 110th Street to West Drive


    [Dennis Adams, 2009]

  • P139

    Over the Azalea Pond Rustic Bridge

    Walking in the Rain

    [The Ronettes, 1964]

  • P140

    Along the Central Garden of Central Park Zoo

    Still Walking

    [Throbbing Gristle, 1979]

  • P141

    From somewhere near Fort Fish to East Drive

    I Walk With My Shadow

    [The Sound Reasons, 1965-67]

  • P142

    Through Tupelo Meadow

    Lignes d’erre

    [Fernand Deligny]

  • P143

    A junction between two paths in the Ramble

    Free to Walk

    [Debbie Harry & Nick Cave, 2010]

  • P144

    From the 102nd Street crossing, along the Loch walking path to the Ravine Rustic Bridge

    Desire Lines

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2012-15]

  • P145

    From the Naturalists’ Walk Rustic Bridge to the Balcony Bridge

    Walk on the Wild Side

    [Lou Reed, 1972]

  • P146

    From the Ramble to the Point

    Scultura da passeggio

    [Michelangelo Pistoletto, 1967]

  • P147

    From Cedar Hill towards Miners’ Gate

    I'm Walkin'

    [Fats Domino, 1957]

  • P148

    Through Shakespeare Garden

    Die Spaziergänge oder die Kunst spazieren zu gehen

    [Karl Gottlob Schelle, 1802]

  • P149

    Near Vista Rock in the Ramble

    The Missing Passage

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P150

    In the Ramble

    Making Do and Getting By

    [Richard Wentworth, 1970-2014]

  • P151

    From the Source of the Gill, along Azalea Pond to the Azalea Pond Rustic Bridge

    Useful Fictions

    [Allan Kaprow, 1975]

  • P152

    In the Ramble

    Marriage Ceremony

    [Milan Knizak, 1967]

  • P153

    In the Ramble

    The Doppelgänger

    [Francis Alÿs, 1998-99]

  • P154

    In the Ramble

    Paradox of Praxis I

    [(Sometimes Doing Something Leads to Nothing), Francis Alÿs, 1997]

  • P155

    In the Ramble

    20 km al giorno

    [Nicola Arigliano, 1964]

  • P156

    In the Ramble

    744 Feet Less and 437 Feet More

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P157

    From the Great Lawn towards East Drive

    A Week

    [Milan Knizak, 1966]

  • P158

    In the French garden of the Conservatory Garden

    Ma Bohème

    [Arthur Rimbaud, 1889]

  • P159

    From Arthur Ross Pinetum to the Bridle Path

    Théorie de la dérive

    [Guy Debord, 1956]

  • P160

    From Mariners’ Gate to West Drive

    From the Underdog File

    [Valie Export, 1969]

  • P161

    From West Drive towards the Great Hill

    City Piece

    [Yoko Ono, 1963]

  • P162

    A junction between two paths near Heckscher Playground

    I Went

    [On Kawara, 1968-79]

  • P163

    By the Reservoir near Engineers’ Gate


    [Vito Acconci, 1969]

  • P164

    From the Great Lawn to Delacorte Theater and towards Winterdale Arch

    Map Piece

    [Yoko Ono, 1962]

  • P165

    From the Pool to East Drive via the 102nd Street crossing

    Seven Ballets in Manhattan

    [Daniel Buren, 1975]

  • P166

    From Artists’ Gate to Cop Cot

    Walking the Cow

    [Daniel Johnston, 1983]

  • P167

    From Woodman’s Gate to East Meadow

    Walking a Painting

    [Francis Alÿs, 2002]

  • P168

    From Vanderbilt Gate, through the Italian and English gardens of the Conservatory Garden and back

    Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk)

    [Bruce Nauman, 1968]

  • P169

    From West 110th Street to the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center

    Walking By the Next Two Years

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P170

    From Merchants’ Gate to a crossroad after Greyshot Arch

    Delirium Ambulatorium

    [Hélio Oiticica, 1978]

  • P171

    From the Shakespeare Garden, around Delacorte Theater to Turtle Pond

    I Walk Among Them

    [MX-80 Sound, 1980]

  • P172

    A shortcut from the 79th Street transverse to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square

    [Bruce Nauman, 1967-68]

  • P173

    Around the Conservatory Water


    [Hamish Fulton, 2011]

  • P174

    Across the parking lot south of the Reservoir

    Une journée dans la rue

    [GRAV, 1966]

  • P175

    From Engineers’ Gate towards East 85th Street

    Women’s Strike for Equality March

    [August 26, 1970]

  • P176

    From Naturalists’ Gate, through Eaglevale Arch towards the Lake

    Close Guantanamo March

    [January 11, 2012]

  • P177

    From Cedar Hill to Glade Arch

    I Walked With a Zombie

    [Roky Erickson & The Aliens, 1980]

  • P178

    From the Conservatory Water towards Trefoil Arch

    Calls, Canto 4 (Hello-Chorus)

    [Bengt af Klintberg, 1965-66]

  • P179

    From Diana Ross Playground to the Bridle Path

    From Cap in Car to Atlas

    [Gabriel Orozco, 1997]

  • P180

    From Hunters’ Gate to the Naturalists’ Walk

    Passage du Caire

    [C. Boltanski, J. Le Gac, P.-A. Gette, 1970]

  • P181

    In Hallett Nature Sanctuary

    The Leak

    [Francis Alÿs, 1995]

  • P182

    From Warriors’ Gate to East Drive

    National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights

    [October 14, 1979]

  • P183

    Around East Meadow near East 99th Street

    A Service for the Dead

    [Allan Kaprow, 1962]

  • P184

    A shortcut through the North Woods


    [A. Tanaka & P. Gemeinboeck, 2006]

  • P185

    Around the east side of the Great Lawn


    [Allan Kaprow, 1971]

  • P186

    A detour near East 66th Street

    Walk On

    [Roy Orbison, 1968]

  • P187

    A junction between two paths in the North Woods

    Two Parallel Paths that Meet

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P188

    In the Ramble

    The Way I Walk

    [The Cramps, 1978]

  • P189

    Along McGowan’s pass near Harlem Meer

    Got Some Sand in My Shoes

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P190

    From Greyshot Arch, along West Drive to the 65th Street transverse

    Land Mark

    [Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, 2001-02]

  • P191

    From North Gate House to the Bridle Path


    [Wayne Shorter, 1966]

  • P192

    From the Tavern on the Green to the Bridle Path via the West 65th Street Arch

    Electrical Walks

    [Christina Kubisch, 2004-13]

  • P193

    From North Meadow softball field no. 12 towards the 97th Street transverse

    Theatre Music

    [Takehisa Kosugi, date unknown]

  • P194

    Along the Naturalists’ Walk

    Walking in a Moving World

    [Richard Long, 2001, Powys]

  • P195

    From West Drive to Rat Rock

    Just Walkin’ in the Rain

    [The Prisonaires, 1953]

  • P196

    From Heckscher Softball field no. 5 to Sheep Meadow


    [Gianni Motti, 2000]

  • P197

    A detour in between the North Woods and the Great Hill

    Les Vagabons efficaces

    [Fernand Deligny, 1947]

  • P198

    From West 67th Street to West Drive

    Words Drawn in Water

    [Janet Cardiff, 2005]

  • P199

    From the parking lot south of the Reservoir, over Bridge No. 27 to the West 86th Street transverse

    Forest Walk

    [Janet Cardiff, 1991]

  • P200

    From West 66th Street to the Bridle Path

    Got Small Stones in My Shoes

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P201

    A shortcut near North Meadow

    Une distance idéale

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P202

    Along Woodland Walk

    Walking Down that Railroad Line

    [Woody Guthrie, 1940]

  • P203

    From the Ramble Shed to the 79th Street transverse

    Ministry of Silly Walks

    [Monty Python, 1970]

  • P204

    From Women’s Gate to West Drive

    Round Bar of Wood

    [Andre Cadere, 1972]

  • P205

    From somewhere near West Drive towards the Blockhouse

    A Four Day One Hundred Mile Walk

    [Hamish Fulton, 1975, Iceland]

  • P206

    From Central Park Zoo to Delacorte Theater

    City Piece

    [Yoko Ono, 1961]

  • P207

    A junction somewhere in between the Conservatory Garden and East Meadow

    Walking Into the Distance Beyond Imagination

    [Hamish Fulton, 2002, Europe]

  • P208

    From The Mount towards Girls’ Gate

    They Walked in Line

    [Warsaw (Joy Division), 1978]

  • P209

    A junction between the Reservoir running track and the West 86th Street transverse

    One Walk for a Million Walks

    [Tatiana Trouvé, 2015]

  • P210

    Near the Ancient Playground


    [Ben Vautier, 1961]

  • P211

    A shortcut to the Great Lawn

    You'll Never Walk Alone

    [Gerry and The Pacemakers, 1963]

  • P212

    From West 86th Street to the Bridle Path

    March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation

    [April 25, 1993]

Media Gallery

About the Artist

Tatiana Trouvé (b. 1968, Cosenza, Italy) lives and works in Paris. Recent solo shows include The Longest Echo — L’écho le plus long at Mamco, Geneva (2014), her first retrospective exhibition; the traveling exhibition I tempi doppi, presented at Kunstmuseum Bonn, Museion Bolzano-Bozen and Kunsthalle Nürnberg (2014); Il grande ritratto, an extensive exhibition inspired by the title of Dino Buzzati’s science fiction novel and conceived in response to the challenging architecture of the Kunsthaus Graz (2010); Tatiana Trouvé at the South London Gallery (2010); A Stay Between Enclosure and Space at the Migros Museum of Zurich (2009); 4 Between 2 and 3 at Centre Pompidou, Paris (2008); and Double Bind at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2007). She has participated in major international group exhibitions including the 29th São Paulo Biennale (2010) and the Biennale di Venezia (2007 and 2003) and has been featured in shows at the Pinault Foundation Punta della Dogana in Venice (2011) and the Hayward Gallery in London (2010).