Merle Steir: Sculpture-Movement-Sculpture

About the Exhibition

Merle Steir’s Sculpture-Movement-Sculpture invites passersby to join him in exploring and playing with his metal sculptures. The pieces, which Steir describes as resembling toys for adults, were designed to permit movement and changes in shape.

The performance incorporates three large-scale hinged metal sculptures created by the artist. His work challenges the cultural taboo that says “look but don’t touch” by encouraging viewers to become active participants rather than passive spectators. Steir explains, “My hinge sculptures are about play and tactile involvement in the material world. It is work that is concerned with form and space in both fluid and stable states. Recently the work has been extended to include experimental dance movement associated with Simone Forti. I and others will perform with three large hinged sculptures. At least half the program will be done with spectators drawn from the audience. There will also be live improvisational sound throughout the performance period.”



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