Jacob Fabricius: Sandwiched (In New York)

About the Exhibition

Curator Jacob Fabricius (b.1970, Silkeborg, Denmark) organizes and exhibits an unusual outdoor group show on Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn. Combining conceptual art strategies and urban advertising techniques, Jacob Fabricius’s Sandwiched (in New York) is a one-man, roving exhibition. From noon until 3pm each day, Fabricius stands somewhere along Fulton Mall wearing sandwich-board artwork made by one of the ten artists in the show.

In an early description of Sandwiched (in New York), Jacob Fabricius wrote, “After living and working in Los Angeles for a couple of months, I started taking pictures of guys standing with sandwich boards. I thought, how can you stand there all day dressed up as a hot dog, or a Christmas tree? I took photographs of them for a while, not quite knowing why I was fascinated by these people that were most likely badly paid to dance around and look happy. Maybe it was because I was a tourist and we do not have the sandwich-board advertisement tradition in Denmark. It made me think of how these sandwich-board people—who are often illegal immigrants—were financially ‘sandwiched’ between a piece of wood and a hard place.”



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Featured Artists

Jacob Fabricius, with works by Bernadette Corporation, Leon Golub, Sharon Hayes, Ben Kinmont, John Miller, Aleksandra Mir, Adrian Piper, Julia Scher, Michael Snow, and Valerie Tevere