Sophie Rivera: Revelations: A Latino Portfolio

About the Exhibition

Six large-scale (45” x 36”) black-and-white photographs by Sophie Rivera (New York City, NY) are installed at the Yankee Stadium-161st Street site. The gelatin prints are dry-mounted onto foam-core backing, emphasizing their presence as art objects. Bilingual (Spanish and English) title labels are large enough to easily be read from a distance.

Rivera’s Latino portfolio is an ongoing series of compelling portraits of individuals she has encountered in Upper Manhattan, New York. The photographer empowers each individual with a strong sense of being, a revelation of their Latino identity. By asking each individual to pose for her and then personally interviewing them, the photographer creates powerful statements which further cultural awareness.

The experience of viewing the photographs is participatory in that the individuals seem to be looking back at the viewer, offering a contemplative experience in an environment overloaded with competing stimuli. Says Rivera, “I’m excited about the possibilities of the general public coming out of the subway and seeing portraits of people like themselves and being able to look at them from their own personal perspective.”

Rivera maintains a firm sense of control over her subject, yet each individual is empowered with a strong sense of his or her own being, a “revelation” of the vibrancy that emanates from their Latin identity. In her understanding of the uniqueness of the individual she portrays, the photographer reveals how humanity presides over reality.



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