Ann Messner: Meteor

About the Exhibition

Meteor by Ann Messner (b.1952, New York City, NY) consists of five welded-steel, human-size forms. Each of the forms is situated to appear as if previously airborne—caught at the moment of impact, frozen—as if time stood still. To Messner, “this situation implies a film-like moment of time when, immediately before the crucial action, it becomes possible to reflect upon both past and future…My work is concerned with how we, as individuals, confront a technological world. The forms I work with and the sites I choose are archetypical symbols of our modern times. My public art projects are site-specific. I seek out places where technology, mass culture and urban life are predominant. The sites in which I choose to place my work are not the spacious settings typical of many public artworks such as parks and plazas, but are instead located in the most concentrated of urban areas.”

The forms are recognizable as combination of high technology (for example: spaceship, satellite, communication devices) and objects that are commonly used in our private, personal lives such as an ironing board, washing machine, eating utensils, or a telephone.



Times Square

7th Avenue & 42nd Street

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