Anne Healy: Memory Pilgrimage

About the Exhibition

As New York’s unique neighborhoods are sacrificed to developers each year, residents strive to hold on to the last vestiges of their community. Memory Pilgrimage, an artwork created by Anne Healy (New York City, NY) for the Oasis Garden in the Clinton area of Manhattan, further enhances this special site.

Anne Healy has returned to New York after teaching in California to find the city rapidly changing. She shares the concerns of the neighborhood’s residents and is dedicating the shrine to the community and to Charlotte Purdy, who started the garden. The concept of this shrine is based on European wayside shrines that are found at the side of the road commemorating individuals and events. Memory Pilgrimage is a 4’ x 3’ x 12” and is built of brightly painted stucco and wood.



10th Avenue & 51st Street

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