Jeffrey Cole and David Schafer: Liberty Prop

About the Exhibition

The Liberty Prop is a large structural installation comprising components that refer to existing structures within the public realm: a 24’ white steel flagpole; a 52’ sidewalk; a 48’ picket fence, 6’ at low end and 8’ at high end; a small steel bridge, 14’ long; and four 8’ x 12’ plywood signboards with black text printed on white ground. Jeffrey Cole and David Schafer (b.1955, Kansas City, MO) joined these elements together by bolting them with 3/8” to 1/2” steel lag bolts to create an open-air interactive structure through which viewers may walk along the sidewalk and bridge, and read the information printed on the signboards. These components are also bolted to a 2” x 2” tube-steel framework, which serves as the support system for the sculpture. The structure is painted red, white, and blue. The text within refers to constitutional issues and provides information on the U.S. system of government.



City Hall Park

Broadway & Chambers Street

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