Lisa Kereszi and Andrew Moore: Governors Island

About the Exhibition

Governors Island features photographs by Lisa Kereszi (b.1973, Chester, PA) and Andrew Moore (b.1957, USA). These photographs document Governors Island, the former national military post located in New York Harbor. Featuring twenty nine color photographs, the exhibition reveals the architecture, landscape, and hidden spaces of Governors Island.

Lisa Kereszi and Andrew Moore, both New York-based artists, visited Governors Island several times, photographing the island’s indoor and outdoor spaces from late autumn 2003 to early spring 2004. Their expanded portrait includes photographs of the historic 18th- and 19th-century military structures, as well as images of the commissary, houses of worship, bowling alley, hospital, Burger King restaurant, grade school, and other places that were once hubs of daily life on Governors Island.



Governors Island

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