Louise Bourgeois: Eyes

About the Exhibition

Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010, b. Paris, France) originally created Eyes in Italy in 1972. She abandoned the work, and in 1982 she re-created and re-worked the piece. Eyes, which measures 73” x 65” x 45”, is one of Bourgeois’s largest marble works. It has been reproduced in many catalogues and magazines throughout the world, but has never been publicly exhibited.

Simply described, Eyes consists of two spheres resting on an irregular rectangular block. The center of each sphere is drilled out, thereby creating a strong, gazing presence.

Parts of the body have been central to the iconography of Louise Bourgeois’s sculpture since the 1940’s. Bourgeois’s isolation of body parts from the figure as a whole allow her the possibility of abstraction while maintaining the emotionally charged tension of the psychological state she seeks to explore.



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