Thomas Lawson: Civic Virtue / Civic Rights

About the Exhibition

Civic Virtue/Civic Rights by Thomas Lawson (b.1951, Glasgow, Scotland) is a three-panel disk-like structure placed on the former site of Frederick MacMonnie’s 1919 sculpture, Civic Virtue. It combines images of that sculpture, and of the Nathan Hale and Horace Greeley statues (also found in City Hall Park) with text panels bearing the phrases “civic virtues” and “civil rights.” Lawson says, “I envisage creating a situation that will encourage people to consider the public discourse on civic virtues and civil rights as it is represented in public sculpture, and to reflect on the disparity between that discourse and daily reality.”

Lawson’s work is exhibited along with works by Edgar Heap-of-Birds, Christopher Hewat, Margia Kramer, and Yong Soon Min.



City Hall Park

Broadway & Chambers Street

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