Terry Fugate-Wilcox: City Wall

About the Exhibition

Terry Fugate-Wilcox’s new City Wall sculpture will improve with age. Like all of Fugate-Wilcox’s works, the piece is based on the actual qualities of the materials, highlighting not only how the materials look and feel, but also what they do and become.

Fugate-Wilcox (b.1944, Kalamazoo, MI) began the work by imbedding bars of metal into the stark white surface of new concrete and then allowed the forces of nature to take over its completion. In this case, twenty-seven bars of steel, copper, brass, iron and bronze, each five feet long, are spaced evenly over the surface to make patterns of alternating rows. As they corrode, the rain will carry the colors down over the white surface, making patterns of color that will increase in complexity and intensity with each rainfall.



292 Lafayette Street

Lafayette & Houston Streets

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