Fernando Botero: Botero in New York

About the Exhibition

Fourteen bronze sculptures by internationally renowned artist Fernando Botero are situated along Park Avenue from 54th to 61st Streets, and two additional sculptures are located in Doris C. Freedman Plaza.

Botero in New York reaffirms the importance of sculpture in New York City, in much the same way the now famous Henry Moore exhibition did in 1984. James M. Clark, Executive Director of the Public Art Fund, states, “It has been almost ten years since New York City honored a sculptor with a public exhibition on this scale. For many new Yorkers, the Henry Moore exhibition of 1984 has become a significant part of their mental landscape of New York City. Likewise, Botero in New York will be a landmark event destined to be remembered long after its time.”

In addition, Botero in New York exposes the public to the work of a contemporary master. By concentrating his works along Park Avenue and at Doris C. Freedman Plaza, the Public Art Fund hopes viewers will learn more about this artist’s particular vision. Placing the sculptures in a non-traditional setting not known for art will certainly be a pleasant and unexpected surprise to many, reflecting the creativity and energy for which New York is known. This unusual exhibition environment will provide a fresh viewpoint to passersby, encouraging them to rediscover the cityscape.

The monumental bronze sculptures along Park Avenue and at Doris C. Freedman Plaza represent Botero’s signature human and animal forms. Rotund, gigantic, and voluptuous, these works echo many of the figures that populate Botero’s paintings and drawings. Botero began making sculpture in 1971, considering it the logical next step from what he described as his “voluminous three-dimensional” paintings. The sculptures, ranging in height from approximately three to twelve feet, will all be situated on wooden bases.

The works on Park Avenue include: Maternity (1989), Cat (1984), Roman Soldier (1985), Reclining Venus (1988), Woman with Serpent (1993), Torso (Man) (1992), Horse (1992), Woman (1989), Man (1990), Rape of Europa (1992), Woman with a Mirror (1987), Bird (1990), Seated Woman (1976), and Torso (Woman) (1982).

At Doris C. Freedman Plaza are Botero’s Adam (1990) and Eve (1990).



Doris C. Freedman Plaza

Central Park, 60th Street & 5th Avenue

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