Eric Arctander: Big Apple Boogie Woogie

About the Exhibition

In conjunction with the New York Art Parade, Eric Arctander (b.1945, USA) has taped primary colored squares and grids, like those that Mondrian used in his famous painting Broadway Boogie Woogie (1942-43), along the street in such a way as to direct viewers to the museums along the Museum Mile.

The Art Parade travels south on Fifth Avenue past ten Manhattan museums. As an unparalleled visual spectacle, the First New York Art Parade tells the story of how New York’s unique social environment nurtures an ingenious community of creative artists. The Art Parade is designed to highlight the manner in which contemporary artists and new arts organizations help New York maintain its leading role in international art and culture.

“During the past half century two major situations occurred which enlivened and determined the state of modern art,” Arctander explained. “First, the influx of artists to America, combined with New York’s outstanding artistic tradition, created a dynamic art impulse. Second, and recently, the forum of alternative spaces combined with established institutions to create an energetic art environment. On the first occasion, Mondrian was a significant contributor, but more, he seized the spirit of New York. In his well-known Broadway Boogie Woogie, we sense the grid of Manhattan and the jazz-bop pace of the streets. Now, the proposed Big Apple Boogie Woogie will bring to the actual streets the spirit that Mondrian brought to his canvas.”



Madison Avenue

From 104th Street to 72nd Street

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