Kit Yin Snyder: Artist in Residence

About the Exhibition

Enter Bryant Park from 40th Street at the back of the New York Public Library and one will be face-to-face with an arch constructed from brick-shaped wire-mesh units. Daily, during the next six weeks, Kit-Yin Snyder (Guangzhou [Canton], China), a Chinese-born New York artist, will be building and developing a sculptural environment that resembles architectural fragments. What the complete structure looks like will be, in part, influenced by the public that Kit-Yin Snyder expects to involve in the project.

The arch, erected on a half-hexagonal cinderblock base, will soon be joined by other traditional architectural elements such as windows, archways and pillars. Made with ¼” anodized aluminum wire mesh, the sculpture, under some conditions, appears to be light and airy. Other times it is solid and imposing.



Bryant Park

6th Avenue & 40th Street

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