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9 to 5

9 to 5

About the Exhibition

9 to 5 is a site-specific art show featuring works by Christian Alexa, Martha Bush, Arnaldo Morales (b.1967, Puerto Rico), Roxy Paine (b.1966, New York City, NY), Lincoln Tobier (b.1964, New York City, NY), and Brian Tolle (b.1964, New York City, NY). The six artists have created works that invite viewers to reassess their perceptions of everyday objects.

In an October 1997 article, The New York Times noted that “people on their way to work will be confronted by such objects as a giant metal claw hanging from a lamppost. Designed by Arnaldo Morales, the claw opens, with its jaws stretching four feet. As in an amusement park game, it drops, narrowly missing its human targets. Also on display will be Cristian Alexa’s exploration of urban development, W.A.S.T.E., a project that redesigns the most mundane of urban objects: the trash can. The rebirth of three such receptacles—chrome-plated, mirrored and inscribed—is documented in photos on display in the lobby of One Metrotech Center. At the end of the exhibition, the containers will return to their humble roots on the city streets.”

Photo Gallery

Featured Artists

Christian Alexa, Martha Bush, Arnaldo Morales, Roxy Paine, Lincoln Tobier, and Brian Tolle